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New Music Reviews January: From ritual to music and from Renaissance Italy to 2021

Five News From January: A Short Report

A Year Without Opera: Singers from Germany, Austria, UK, US and Canada comment on their current struggles, discoveries and hopes

Opera has always been known as the instrument of psychic and social health. But last year it also became a risk of physical health. Just when we needed culture the most, 2020 became a year of pandemic and a year without opera. 

Lithuanian Classical Music: in the 2020s Circle Under the Sun

2020 was different than ever before. The pandemic, which turned the world upside down, dragged itself a veil of loss, suffering and anxiety. A blow after the blow, the surprises of the 2020s hit the bottom of the music community as well.

Christmas music atmosphere:
Review of this year’s Christmas music albums

This year, Christmas is becoming another paradox, encompassing being with loved ones and social distancing; spiritual Christian values, and endless commercial pressure; stillness, contemplation and celebration at the same time. In such a situation, the real Christmas atmosphere is left to the soundtrack. The Christmas musical tradition, which has been going on for several millennia, expresses the change and all the contradictory aspects of Christmas that come with it.

On life and death of the first jazz guitar star Eddie Lang

The early death had encapsulated the youth and spirit of jazz in the recordings of Eddie Lang, echoing through listening even today. In the recordings, the embrace of Eddie’s sensitive accompaniment, his rich and chordal drive, as well as rhythmic propulsion made the biggest names of the jazz world shine – including Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Bessie Smith, and Lonnie Johnson.

Back to Normal: Review of November’s 2020 Music Albums

It’s always interesting to see how artists and the music industry respond to critical times. When the recitals start to be called live broadcasts, when people get ready to go to a music concert in a movie theater, when almost half of the young audience listens to music on social networks.

On the passing of Eddie Van Halen: Reinventor of the guitar and hard rock

From real-life straight into the history books – last month one of the all-time great guitar players in rock history Eddie Van Halen has died. Second to only Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen was undoubtedly one of the most influential, original, and talented rock guitarists of the 20th century. 

UK’s finest Musicians plea for live music during a protest in Parliament Square

A live music protest took place on 6th October as hundreds of professional musicians gathered in the Parliament square. Socially-distanced musicians expressed their fury and frustration for the devastating lack of financial support in the midst of the pandemic.

A dance between a mass pandemic and mass opera festival

Every year, the Salzburg Festival fascinates with its superhuman efforts to nurture the prosperous cultural life of the city – during the summer they organize and present to the public the full seasonal repertoire of the opera house, drama theater, and concert hall. This year, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of almost the entire world’s cultural sector, even more efforts have had to be made to move forward.

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